Daniel Muscat PRO Congrats Call…

Daniel Muscat PRO Congrats Call…

On day #1 of the Super Affiliate Network, Dan got through literally the first 2 weeks of the profit boosting bootcamp, and then made his first sale with his FIRST Solo Ad he ran.

Since then, he’s been consistently following “The Super Affiliate Laws”, and has been consistently driving sales front end sales in his business.

The system then took over and did the rest, following up with this buyers, and closing them into higher ticket packages (my phone sales team follows up with all your buyers).

Yesterday one of Dans customers saw the value in going “PRO”, and took action and upgraded.

Today I was lucky enough to get Dan on the line, and get him to share EXACTLY what he’s been doing to make sales almost every single day, and exactly what he’s doing to drive big back-end sales, with almost zero extra work.

Listen in here now, and enjoy.

If you get value out of todays call, don’t forget to congratulate Dan, and to leave a quick comment on this post letting me know what your biggest takeaway was.

To the top,

Misha Wilson


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